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The Essential Business Guide to GDPR

On the 25th of May 2018 enhanced rules about data protection become law under a data protection bill based on the EU GDPR set of regulations.

The Essential Business Guide to GDPR” has been written with the purpose to highlight and guide you through the understanding and implementation of what is required within your business. We have included as much relevant information that relates to the core activities of processing personal data and highlighted core business activities that you may want to consider. Extracts of the regulation where relevant have been included with related information chapter by chapter.

The book includes access to 17 business starter templates including some questionnaires and a full version of our PIA along with documentation on recording data activities. We hope that you find the book and the resources useful and would welcome feedback for future changes and additions.

“The Essential Business Guide to GDPR” can be purchased at Amazon as a paperback and will be available as an eBook as a future release.